More Details About Future Jeep Grand Wagoneer Production Plans


Under the Jeep brand will appear a large premium Grand Wagoneer SUV with three rows of seats and, perhaps, even coupe crossover. About this informed the head of the Department of Jeep, Mike Manley.

When It Is Possible to Release?

In an interview with the Australian publication, the Jeep boss Mike Manley said that clear plans for the creation of competitors to the BMW X4 and X6 yet, but these ideas are actively considered – they can be considered viable. Another thing – the Grand Wagoneer. Exactly such a Jeep we will see, however, judging by the five-year plan of FCA, only in the second half of 2018.

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7-Seat Cherokee

Seven- or even eight-seater Grand Wagoneer, assured, will become blood sibling to the regular Grand Cherokee, which will be released a year earlier. In any case, you can count on a monocoque body, independent suspension and serious off-road abilities – regardless of how will be arranged all-wheel drive transmission.

Now it is difficult to predict the price of the car, which comes out in 2 years, but still, considering the competition, one can expect that the car will be in the range of $35-45 thousand.


To “off-road” division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, aka Jeep, has been set a difficult task – to increase until 2018 annual sales up to about 2.6 times – to a 1.9 million cars. The main means of achieving the goal is recently released the compact Renegade, which focuses on Europe. However, Jeep will try to succeed with models of entirely different kind, much more expensive. Among them are already confirmed as a flagship Grand Wagoneer, and… coupe crossover!

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Interior and Equipment

Well, the most interesting – Mr Manley assured the journalists that the Grand Wagoneer will be a serious player in the premium segment, and even hinted at a struggle with a Range Rover. From this we can conclude that the materials and finish of the cabin, and equipping such SUV will be on a couple of levels higher than that created on the Mercedes platform of the Dodge Durango. The last in the coming years needs to retire.

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V6 Engine

The Сompany stated that the Grand Wagoneer and Levante will have many common components. However, it is the engines now look the most likely candidates to replace the residence. Thus, most likely, the new SUV will get a three-liter V6 diesel and supercharged eight-cylinder engine capacity of 3.8 liters – the power unit according to the modification is capable of up to 560 hp.

Finally, there are rumors that the sports modification of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT will be renamed from (the brand never took place) in TrackHawk – such trademark has already been registered. For 717-horsepower compressor 6.2L HEMI V8 engine, we hope, and the fact that the future of a loaded Grand Cherokee is ensured, not without enthusiasm said the head of the Jeep.
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Right after the Fiat-Chrysler boss allusion to reveal Wagoneer brand, people begin to wonder what it will be. More likely Grand Wagoneer will be the larger and more exquisite version of Grand Cherokee.

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