No Reverse Gear For Aston Martin Hypercar


World of cars is spreading news every day. Something is shocking, something is unexpected while something is shockingly unexpected. Like this one. New Aston Martin hypercar is not going to have reverse gear. How far is it true and how far is it convenient? We are about to know it.

First of all, the name. Mysterious hypercar goes as AM-RB-001. It is developed by Aston Martin, Red Bull and famous engineer Adrian Newey. What we know so far is that this auto is going to be no slower than brand new LMP1 car. It is promised to use high revving V12. In the meantime, Adrian Newey says that this auto will be as powerful as today’s F1 car of race trim.

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As you can imagine, this goal is extremely ambitious and requires untypical engineering decisions. For this reason AM-RB-001 is bound to run on hybrid assist which is supposed to boost power. As far as you can guess it is not going to be hybrid system of a full time. It is going to be closer to ERS one which is popular among F1 cars. Developers have no intentions to waste gear on reverse as you already know. That is true. Instead the car will use electric power which will help it to back up.


AM-RB 001 uses F1 layout which is good for the cooling as well as engine and transmission system. V12 is going to be of high capacity opportunities. It is said that engine will be of twin turbo type with 5.2 liters. You can expect that this auto will weigh much less than one tone owing to the use of carbonfibre stricter. So, its output is likely to reach up to 900 BHP.

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What is good about AM-RB-001? Adrian Newey’s influence makes it more aerodynamic. It is shrinked to the underside in front and rear part. All the diffusers give enough downforce as well channel air for better aerodynamics. You can even think that what you see is not a car but a catamaran using wheels. Its body looks tight and narrow. At first glance you wonder where your feet will go. For the sake of aerodynamics this model is said to be 1900 mm of width and less than a meter of height.

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AM-RB-001 will be in testing process starting from summer, 2017. It is said that this model is supposed to come to the market in 2018. In fact the model has gathered a lot of interest since it has been presented in Monaco. However, this car is an expensive investment. It is going to cost around $3,000,000 but a potential buyer has to make a deposit of $670,000. Both variants such as road and track will be available on the marketplace.
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