Next Bumblebee Chevy Camaro Presented


It has been quite long ago when the last part of Transformers movie was released. Now that around three years have passed Michael Bay is back to his epic saga. What does it mean for a car lover? The answer is simple. A new set of powerful trucks and stylish autos is going to be introduced.

Bumblebee Camaro Prehistory

The part next one in line is going to be named as Transformers: The Last Knight. Can you imagine how enthusiastic were all the franchise fans when director showed up in a new teaser presenting a new version of the beloved Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaro? This model is based on the sixth generation of Chevrolet Camaro and it is the fifth auto released as Bumblebee version.

bumblebee camaro 1976
It was the beginning of June when Michael Bay first posted the new image of Bumblebee on his Tweeter. According to his tweet, Bay said that GM is responsible for the release of 2016 Bumblebee Camaro which was a matter of numerous rumors. By the way, it has taken seven years since we all saw good looking Bumblebee in the first part of the saga. People were excited about cars are shown in the movie. No surprise that it has influenced auto sales. Companies responsible for the release of those cars got much richer owing to Bay. So the interest to the fifth generation of Chevrolet Camaro was incredibly high.

Next Bumblebee

To be honest, Chevrolet was generous to their fans and willing to earn more money on dreams. In other words, General Motors decided to develop special addition of the auto called Bumblebee.
Nevertheless, technical specifications of the new Bumblebee are still unknown. Michael Bay says that this auto is going to be of exceptionally attractive design. Using the latest generation of Camaro this addition is made sleek and sharp. Way beyond its previous model. This auto is still going to be of stylish yellow and black colour which has made a well-known brand. However, use of LED lights makes this auto even better than it was. The character of the car is really aggressive and strong owing to its upgraded bumper. Hood and sides are decorated with dynamic looking lines.

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new bumblebee camaro transformers last knight

The heart of freshly born Bumblebee is based on the best specs, however, more information is going to be released later. It is going to be 6.2-liter power unit with 454 horsepower of productivity. It is said to be of V8 type. Another variant which we can expect is rumored to be a V8 type with 640 horsepower, supercharged kind.
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