New Chevrolet Volt will have self driving version


At the end of 2016 General Motors will launch a major project on practical tests of 2016 Chevrolet Volt with autonomous control. As told on the eve of investor conference of the head of the group, Mary Barra, it’s not just about the technical verification of the safety and convenience of robots, but also about the possibility of their practical application in various carsharing schemes.

According to Barr, as a pilot area GM Technical Center campus in Warren, Michigan was selected. To get anywhere on campus, the staff could call robotic Volt to own address , using the smartphone application; the end point of the trip should be also given by the app. Robots not only make their your own path and deliver people it could also parking as well as sending a message to the service center in case of malfunction.

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New Chevrolet Volt will have self driving version

Executive of General Motors also said that on the road the first “semi-autopilot” called Super Cruise will be available in 2016 Cadillac CT6. The system, which is a smart cruise control, coupled with a system of compliance lanes and an automatic brake will help the driver when driving on the motorway or in slow moving traffic. While the autopilot “engaged” for going ahead car and follows her maneuvers, the driver can take his hands from the steering wheel, but still must remain alert.

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