New cylinder deactivation system developed


Engineers are developing cylinder deactivation system that allows a powerful V8 to use only 25% of the volume at low loads. At the same time fuel consumption will fall by 20 percent or more.

Three companies have concentrated their efforts on developing innovative cylinder deactivation system for use in high-power 8-cylinder engine. The initiator of the project are General Motors and Delphi, joined by a small startup Tula Technologies. Last has developed a unique algorithm called dynamic misfire (DSF) and allows you to work only two cylinders of the V8.

New cylinder deactivation system developed

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Until now, the cylinder deactivation systems could disable only half of the cylinders of the engine, but the DSF has the ability to reduce the working volume of the engine by 75% or more (the system is operational on motors with any number of cylinders of more than four). The experimenters found that heavy SUVs like GMC Yukon Denali with V8 (pictured) while maintaining a cruising speed on the highway use no more than 30 hp, which can easily be provided by two cylinders. At the same time on the test vehicle fuel consumption fell by 21%, and the same amount of emissions reduced.

The first GM production car with DSF will appear tentatively in 2020.
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