New Harley-Davidson Engine With Advanced Cooling


Harley-Davidson is going through changes this fall. Its iconic Big Twin is getting updated which is one of the most highly discussed topics in the world of motorbikes today.

The ninth rebirth of Big Twin has finally happened. The new generation of this engine goes as Milwaukee-Eight. New Harley engine is equipped with four cylinders providing eight valves. The new version offers more power which can be produced without seriously overheating. Thus, this unit has the output of torque which is ten percent more in comparison to the previous version. Such changes are made possible owing to redesigned exhaust and intake system as well as improved cooling features.

Upgraded Engine

New Harley motor is said to be used instead of Twin Cam. Among the models upgraded with this unit are Street Glide, Electra Glide, Road Glide as well as Road King. 107 cubic inch novelty is planned to hit the market during this month. For example, Milwaukee-Eight of 114ci version will be used for such models as CVO Street Glide and CVO Limited. It is assumed that 107ci type of engine will be used a standard one for other bikes.

According to official claims by Harley-Davidson, the long expected date of this release is very close. September 23 is that very day to mark on your calendar. This is when riders will be able to test 2017 models equipped with new Harley engine.

One of the most important updates introduced to the unit is cooling system presented as strategic cooling. As far as the upcoming engine is going to output more power, it will go through a serious heating process. That is why a sophisticated cooling is required. Thus, there is a passage in the shape of the heart which pumps a coolant. The passage is wrapped around exhaust bridge which is used to separate valves. The presence of four valves is better than two valves. It allows reducing the level of heating owing to lower power absorption.

New Parts

New Harley engine has a new drive as well. It is equipped with a chain as well as hydraulic tensioner of automatic type. Thus, the number of moving parts is reduced significantly which leads to lower level of friction and noise too. In addition, the sound of the engine will be slightly different from previous versions.

Moreover, the new unit is equipped with an updated module of electronic control which is known as ECM. Thus, this engine is programmed to identify different positions of the throttle. Engine shaking has also been reduced owing to the introduction of the counter-rotating internal balancer.

The suspension system has been replaced as well. Now it is dual bending valve fork technology. It makes the ride smooth. When the fork is at a state of rest the dumping fluid is almost blocked. It makes the control better. However, the compressed suspension allows more absorption of bumps.

Eventually, Harley is going to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, the new engine provides smooth ride which is good for the majority of riders. On the other hand, this engine has its V-twin rattle which has always been highly praised.
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