New Model Line of Volvo Features New Scalable Platform


Volvo has started the process of total evolution. It was triggered by the fact that the company has left Ford and focused its attention on Chinese and American regions. Volvo has already launched a series of new projects which are promising enough. One of them is the development of Scalable Platform Architecture which is simply called SPA. Its production has taken a lot of effort and money of the company. With this platform Volvo plans to increase its sales.

SPA will be the basis for XC90 SUV, S90 and V90. The first generation of this lineup arrived in 2015. The 60 series of vehicles, like the upcoming V60 will use SAP as well. CMA platform is going to arrive later.

What Is Scalable Platform Architecture

The technology was introduced in 2011. The first SPA models were produced at Torslanda factory.

SPA minimizes the distance from the centre of the front wheels to the peal. Owing to such an approach the front axles and the engines of the models using this technology have found their fixing points. SPA models have determined the position of such elements as front seat structure, HVAC system and front windscreen. To put it simply the cost of such vehicles got lower.

The weight of the vehicles has been reduced as well. Such production includes more aluminum and different types of lightweight steel. Most of such materials are used for front structure, doors, chassis and drivetrain.

Which Models Will Use SPA

First of all, SPA will underpin XC90 and V90 which are the replacement for V70 and S80. In addition, the 60 series models using SPA will be produced in the end of 2017. You’ll be able to see the first S60 and V60 SPA vehicles in 2018. The first electric car using this technology will arrive in 2019. This plan is rather ambitious because Volvo it promises to have reached 1m electrified cars being sold by 2025. Volvo got also focused on CMA platform purposed for V40, V40CC, XC40 and possibly for the vehicle which will replace S40.

The First Engines to Be Based On SPA

The first engine using new Volvo technologies will be inside of XC40. This is a 1.5-litre unit of three cylinders. It uses VEA style. Both diesel and petrol variants are expected. This engine will be of turbocharged and naturally aspirated kinds. Its hybrid version is expected too. T5 Twin Engine heritage will be probably used. Use of CMA is good for fully electric and hybrid vehicles. They’re likely to come after full electric SPA car.
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