New Passat For The US Will Be Very Special


While European area enjoys the new Passat based on MQB platform its American relative sticks to the PQ46 variant which is getting out of fashion. Happily 2018 generation produced for the U.S. market is said to get serious updates. As far as we can expect, this vehicle will be much different from the European variant. Plus, it will inevitably come with the long anticipated MQB.

According to the official claims VW company has already decided to update 2018 model for the American market. Volkswagen promises that this generation won’t be of European type. They say that they will design it in U.S. and for U.S.

So what changes will such a shift entail? First of all, a serious loss of weight is expected. As the new Volkswagen Passat will become lighter, it will provide more efficient ride which will save a good deal of money making 2018 Passat a sensible investment. Adopting MQB technologies will be good for the overall size of the vehicle. Presumably it will become easier to park in the city.

Powertrain Question

What else is new about upcoming Passat’s engine? There’re rumors shedding some light to the engine choice. The presence of well-known V6 is in question. With that said it won’t be a big surprise, if this Passat won’t arrive with six-cylinder technologies. Most sources predict that a mighty turbo four will play a role this time. To the joy of electrical power there’re assumptions about hybrid drivetrain. It may well join to the lineup as a gasoline-electric hybrid. Official representatives haven’t confirmed these rumors though.

Exclusive Design

The appearance, another interesting question about 2018 Passat. It will come through the phase of the total redesign. Abundance of details is something fans can only dream of but as far as we know the body of the vehicle will become slim, sharp and stylish. 2018 variant is planned to have a new grille of mean and angry style. The same can be said about the headlights which will be reshaped to look more aggressively. Unfortunately there’re no reliable facts about the interior.

What will happen with the pricing range of 2018 VW Passat? It’s unlikely that the vehicle will become more expensive than the current model, at least its basic version. Since Passat has lost $6,000 of its price it has become much closer to the range of $20,000. Hardly will things change because making this model any cheaper is unreasonable but it can become a bit more expensive.
  • KellyVanRijn

    Don’t worry, it will be just as unreliable as the outgoing Passat and like most VWs, will probably spend more time in the dealer’ service bay than your driveway.

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