Spy Images of the Next Porsche Panamera Leaked


Again, a prototype of the new Panamera? Yes, but this time by the effort of Photospies hosted virtual debut of two sports cars – the basic and the top-end version with powerful supercharged engine. Let’s look at the new Porsche Panamera images

new porsche panamera images

In all its glory photographed Panamera turbo modification, which unrolls in a bright blue color and with virtually no camouflage, as well as the basic version, also did not hide their secrets. Only front and rear lights are sealed with printed caps.

new porsche panamera


The differences are obvious – the cars have different bumpers (Turbo has stands out “Jaws” with three air intakes), through the spokes of wheels of a more powerful version the visible brake discs with enlarged diameter with huge yellow calipers have seen. In addition, the beauty of Turbo demonstrates two shotgun exhaust pipes, while its calmer sister has more modest, rectangular pipes.

new porsche panamera leaked

According to the insider summary, the new Panamera use MSB platform developed by Porsche. But the creation of a new generation of engines – “sixes” and V8 units were made in cooperation with Audi. There are rumors that the engines are equipped with an electric supercharger, similar to a 4.0-liter diesel V8 of Audi SQ7. It comes into effect briefly to aviod turbo lag in the lower rpm range. In place of the 4.8-liter engine in the Turbo version, according to rumors, will be the enigne in displacement of 4.0 liters with two turbochargers, which will produce more than the current 520-hp engine. Also planned a plug-in hybrid version of Panamera. Most of the physical buttons on the center console will be replaced by touchscreen. The debut of the car will take place in Paris in fall this year.

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