Next Miata Rumored To Have Lots Of Carbon Fiber Details


Not everyone is born to be a natural leader. Some autos are made to give you comfort and convenience of driving. Some provide you with incredible technological features as if you are inside of a spaceship. While others provide you simple design and fun driving.

Mazda Miata is one of those cars and it has gathered a lot of love among drivers. It is exactly simplicity what makes this auto so popular and interesting. High performance and first places at drag races are not goals of this model. It has a different competition. This is weight. Even though Miata has already achieved a lot in this segment, its aim is to go even further. It is going to be done by the means of using carbon fiber.

As Miata creators say, it is size what matters when producing a car of such type. However, what matters more is materials used. They claim that lightweight materials are the future of car industry and their use will be more popular. It is very important to include them in production if you want to achieve really a slim car. The main obstacle in this aspect is the price. Materials of such type are far from being economical that may entail a higher cost of the auto. Nevertheless, the company is working on this issue to make carbon fiber affordable.

More Lightweight

What is the use of a lightweight car? Fun and fashion? No, it is not. The main reason for creating an auto of a smaller weight is its ability to use a smaller engine as well. This will give you a lot features to improve your ride. In fact, all the aspects of a light weighted car are dependable on each other. For instance, materials used make an auto lighter, it need a smaller engine and uses smaller tires as a result. Thus you can achieve better fuel efficiency or other advantages.

next gen miata might be made of carbon fiber

The question which of prior importance is how extensive the use of such material as carbon fiber will be. As you already know materials of this kind are really expensive. So can we expect them as a part of certain trims or they will be used for particular parts of an auto? Or maybe there will be another will be another way of applying them? Nevertheless, the most important aspect for a typical driver is the price. How far will such approach influence the final price of a vehicle?

Anyway, Miata of next generation is going to be made of carbon fiber which is fact now. No matter what the future of light weighted cars is, the future of new Miata is bright, light and promising. That is why it is worth expecting a new product by Mazda.
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