Next Volvo Cars Will Get Autopilot by 2020


According to promises by Volvo the company is serious about introducing the first fully self-driving car in 2020. It will use technologies which are much more advanced than other players on this market offer. It’s unknown whether the upcoming models like 2018 Volvo V60 or XC40 receive the new technology, or it would be all-new models, debuted closer to 2020.

Volvo’s Autonomous Plans

To disperse all the doubts this vehicle literally won’t need ANY human assistance. Even though there’re autonomous models today, they’re still semi-autonomous. SO you can’t fully trust your drive with them. If there’s a risk of an accident happening such a vehicle is unlikely to help you.

Things are different with Volvo. Their self-driving vehicle promises to give you an opportunity to do other activities while the car drives itself. It goes without saying that such a production is purposed to handle any kind of an unexpected situation. Speaking mathematically Volvo will provide the 5th Level of autonomy. What we have today are autonomous cars of the 3rd Level tested by Tesla and Ford.

However, it’s likely that Volvo will show the first results of their work this year. It is said to be a more simplistic version while 2020 models be so smart that they won’t require any supervision at all.

DriveMe Program

So what fuels this program and how is it going to be implemented? The main technology which will help Volvo is known as DriveMe. So far this is just a test program which will be launched in Gothenburg, Sweden, London and China. This research will give drivers an opportunity to try some of the self-driving cars. 100 of the chosen drivers will have to supervise their cars which will work in a semi-autonomous mode. The purpose of this research is to collect the data which will help to make a step towards a fully autonomous car.

DriveMe program is much deeper oriented than it may seem. It’s not about building a concept car or showing off demo rides. It’s designed to understand which obstacles Volvo has on the way to going fully autonomous and how to implement such vehicles into the real world. The result of such a research will make it possible for Volvo to understand how the very technology works, how human factors influence it and how fully-autonomous vehicles will interact with society.

It feels like Volvo is really decisive about introducing absolutely human free cars to the world. Their program well make it possible. In addition the company says that it will be possible to integrate this technology into previous generations of vehicles. They say that even 2016 models will be able to support it.
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