Nissan Altima vs Ford Fusion Comparison


Two mid size sedans from the most popular list will be compared this time – 2015 Nissan Altima and 2015 Ford Fusion. It would be very interesting to find out which car is the optimal choice for mid-size family sedan.

Nissan Altima vs Ford Fusion Design

Both cars look very nice – modern shape, rich chrome finishing, noble forms. Altima has muscular-like shapes of the front fenders, while Fusion has Aston Martin – ish grille thanks to it looks more expensive than in fact it is. The overall exterior design of the 2015 Nissan Altima is more youth-oriented, sporty. Ford Fusion has more conservative design, but looks more solid and no wonder if it will be used as a executive car.

exterior comparsion of two sedans

Both exterior are good looking

It is very noticeable that considering interior design the situation is opposite. Nissan Altima has a bit boring looking center console, everything is ergonomic and usual, but there is nothing eye-catching here, this approach reminds Toyota Camry. 2015 Ford Fusion interior is quite another matter – almost every detail looks impressive, from center console curve to dashboard niche lines. Fusion’s interior looks modern and stylish.

Ford Fusion vs Nissan Altima Engines and drivetrains

Nissan and Ford have very different point of view regarding of what engine should be used for mid-size sedan. Nissan doesn’t participate on the recent years engine downsizing rage and offers conservative variants – 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with the output of 182 hp and 3.5 liter V6 producing 270 hp. Both engines come with only one transmission possible – Xtronic CVT. It is more than enough, but the fuel efficiency is not impressive as Ford Fusion has. Of course, as a standard engine Ford Fusion comes with more conventional natural-aspirated 2.4 Duratec engine, producing 175 hp. The next two engines in the Fusion engine line-up is turbocharged 1.5L with 180 hp and 2.0L engine with 240 hp. The transmission is 6-speed automatic, front wheel drive and all wheel drive.

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front ends of two sedans

Front end of Fusion looks more expensive

The application of downsized turbocharged engines helps to achieve spectacular fuel efficiency results – 1.5L EcoBoost engine has 29 mpg in combined mode, and 2.0L 240-hp engine has nearly the same figures as standard Duratec – 26 mpg combined. If you waiting that Nissan Altima results will be worse, you will be surprised – the car with massive 3.5L V6 has the same 26 mpg combined, and the 2.5L standard Altima has more spectacular results. And that’s astonishing.

Altima vs Fusion Trim levels and pricing

2015 Nissan Altima is available in 5 trim levels, and in terms of basic equipment Fusion is better equipped, Altima doesn’t have even a simple multimedia system! What is more, Ford Fusion has lengthy list of optional equipment, so in case you are aimed at higher trim levels, Fusion might offers you more (for more money).

interior comparison

Both interiors are good-looking and well-equipped

The price for 2015 Ford Fusion starting at $22,110, for that price you will get good multimedia system with 4 speakers, CD and MP3 capability, rear view camera, automatic headlamps and even driver power seat. The basic 2015 Nissan Altima costs $22,300 and neither have rear view camera, nor proper multimedia system. Top trim 3.5 SL Nissan Altima price starting at $32,350, while Ford Fusion Titanium will cost you $30,390, but the Nissan offers some features you cannot find on Fusion without additional fees, like Lane departure warning system or power sunroof.


It is really tough choice which car is the best. It is mainly a matter of taste and money… and in case you do like hybrids, because Nissan couldn’t offer you a hybrid version of Altima. In this case the choice is obvious. But if you want a family sedan with powerful engine, conservative interior but eye-catching exterior, it is better to peer at Nissan Altima. Prices, specifications, options, features of 2015 Nissan Altima and 2015 Ford Fusion could change without notice. You could find up to date information on car makers offical website. All information above is relevant for US versions of the cars.

Rear end comparison

Altima rear end looks cool
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