New Cop Version of Nissan GT-R Nicknamed Copzilla


The world of revolutionary or simply untypical cars doesn’t stand still. One of the carmakers which is known for thinking outside the box is Nissan. This company is always ready to come up with something unconventional. This time Nissan is taking care of how safe the streets will be because their crazy vehicle for the police is in the offing.

Nice Nickname

Visitors of auto shows already know that Nissan loves teasing people with unique and sometimes fun concept vehicles. In 2017 the car manufacturer makes everyone stay focused on a GT-R police model. It has an untypical nickname which sounds like Copzilla. To have it built the company has taken a Nissan GT-R Premium, by the way its average price was nothing less than $109,990. This car has been heavily modified. As a result we’ve got something spectacular to look at. Thanks to the 2017 New York Auto Show Copzilla has shared some of the most interesting facts about its body and heart. The car is based on this year model, not on the Nissan GT-R expected next year.

To be honest the official name of this wonder is Nissan GT-R Police Pursuit #23. This vehicle is one of the GT-R kinds which was shown along with 2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition. As far as we can judge from the shots and information available Copzilla is a decent concept with promising technologies.

Here Comes The Police

The overall color of the vehicle is a sexy black shade. It also has some gold graphics looking attractive. Newly born Copzilla is made with police lights which can be logically found on the roof. Its front grille is stylish combined with a LED light bar which can be scrolled. To make this concept even more awesome its hood and panels have Skyline Metro badge which makes this vehicle easily recognizable.

The vehicle also uses fender flares of carbon fiber which are wide enough. As for the side mirrors and rear spoiler, they all contain carbon fiber materials. Its body is rather lowered owing to presence of coil-over shocks. Lightning of a LED kind  gives Copzilla another advantage on the street. The carmaker says that this concept is packed with all types of lights. You can find such features as hide-a-ways, a light bar, a supervisor bar and others.  You can see Federal Signal, Federal Signal Cencom system, siren and even Setina pushbar use for this vehicle. By the way its cool livery with a fiction police department name on it is attached to a gold shield. There’re a lot of different decals which you can expect from a police car.

The wheels chosen for Copzilla are as wide as 22-inches. They’re made of steel which makes them especially reliable. Nissan has made even installed a set of coilovers to make a ride lower including the factory wheels with spikes.

What about performance? It’s rather impressive thanks to V6 of twin-turbo technologies. This 3.8-liter engine still outputs up to 565 horsepower with 469 pound-feet of torque.
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