Nissan GT-R Track Edition Made for Racing


Nissan GT-R lineup has become an impressive series throughout the years. During the decade of its existence, the vehicle has been receiving quite radical but not numerous enhancements. From the very start, the car was great and received a lot of attention.

A year ago the fans of the series could see a stunning Black Edition and now Nissan comes with another version. It’s known as Track Edition. In fact, it’s a small update but it’s also pretty enough. Since the first vehicle was released in 2007 the price has raised significantly thus 2017 Nissan GT-R is $149,100.

There’re not so many models of the new Nissan GT-R so you should hurry if you want to get it. The latest version of the vehicle had been revealed even before the New York motor show. Track Edition is purposed for the U.S. market as well which is good news.

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GT-R Track Edition arrived along with 370Z Heritage Edition. They both couldn’t simply stay unattended. Practically Track Edition is somewhere between GT-R Premium and GT-R Nismo which undoubtedly the flagship. This is why new Track Edition has inherited a few features from its Nismo relative.

What’s the difference

When it comes to headlining components the vehicle boasts adhesive bonding. Such a decision makes the body shell more rigid. The suspension use is of an independent type made for four wheels. By the way, GT-R Track suspension is based on Nismo tuning. The vehicle is equipped with Nismo-spec tires, it uses alloy wheels of 20 inches borrowed from Nismo as well. All four of them have become much stickier. Another feature inherited from Nismo is front fenders. Other interesting components are a rear spoiler which is made of carbon fiber. The overall weight of GT-R Edition has become less in comparison to the version of the previous year.

Not much can be said about the inside part of the car however. Its interior is of red and black color which looks quite unique. The vehicle also has Recaro sports seats covered with leather. The set of features and technologies is unknown.

Technical Aspects of the Track Edition

Now let’s talk about the engine. New GT-R Track Edition doesn’t forget about its best traditions. It has arrived with a twin-turbocharged V6 of 3.8 liters. It’s a powerful choice good for delivering 565 horsepower and torque of 467 lb-ft. mated GT-R Track Edition is mated to a six-speed dual clutch transmission. Paddle shifters are onboard. Standard model comes with AWD and Titanium exhaust system. Some sources say that acceleration of this vehicle can be physically painful.

The exact speed numbers are not revealed so far. We assume that they’ll stay approximately the same. If so, the car will make it 0-60 in 2.7-second with the top speed of 195 MPH.
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