Extreme-Looking Gripz Concept Car By Nissan


Nissan Gripz – no more than another variation on the crossover with coupe styling theme. But he entrusted the mission to become a responsible substitute for sports car Nissan 370Z.

Imagine even more liberated Nissan Juke, and you will understand the nature of rebellious freedom-loving SUV Nissan Gripz. Silhouette increasingly resembles a sports car. The similarity reinforce huge front doors, wings and rear doors opening counter-movement.

2015 nissan gripz concept

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The interior reign minimalism and high-tech. By the way, note the 22-inch wheels with zigzag-styled rims reminding wheels of the racing bicycles.

Coupe-SUV Crossover

The marketing position of the car is interesting. In size and style it is close to the current Nissan Juke. But it is also look into the future for the series Z sports car (in Europe and the United States known as the current generation 370Z, and in Japan – Fairlady Z) The demand today is actively shifted from the cramped and impractical sportcars to SUVs, the latter can look and go perfectly in every one.

2015 nissan gripz concept interior

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According to some speculations, Gripz will be released in the next year with compact turbocharged “four”. We believe that production version may change only slightly.

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