Nissan Vmotion Concept Shows New Design Tendencies


Nissan continues to develop its Vmotion concept. This is love-it-or-hate-it model which isn’t going to stay unknown. It borrows V-Motion type of design. You could’ve seen something similar used by Maxima or Murano. This concept is being made to show what policy Nissan sticks to in terms of style. It also gives us a hint at what to expect from upcoming Altima.

Nissan Vmotion Concept Overview

Speaking of Altima, this Concept is still shorter compared to the latest generation of the vehicle mentioned. It has 191.3 inches of length along with 74.4 inches of width. As for the wheelbase, it is of 112.2 inches. As you can see it’s not much shorter than Altima but it still has lost one inch. However, it can boast about additional space between the rear and front wheels. Now it is 2.9 inches more which aren’t that bad.

Such changes of size make this Concept more dynamic looking and more stylish when compared to Altima. In fact, Vmotion concept doesn’t use large wheels. Neither does it have rear doors of suicide type. Along with new proportions, this concept looks even closer to Mazda 6.

Nissan Vmotion Concept Exterior

Nevertheless, this sedan has a plenty of interesting details. For example, it can boast about all LED technologies. They’re implemented in an elegant way so it’s a pleasure to see them. Side surfacing isn’t that simple either. It can be described as a complicated one. The grille used is massive enough but it fits well the whole proportional body of the vehicle. Perhaps such changes will bring this concept closer to a family sedan of a mainstream type.

Nissan Vmotion Concept Interior

The seats inside of this concept are light-coloured which looks pretty nice. There’s a widescreen which supports all types of digital instruments. It’s interesting that the steering wheel has been cut to provide the better view for the driver. Infotainment features are also wide enough. There’s a smaller screen as well for rear passengers. It mostly displays the same type of information which you can see up front.

This concept uses a ProPilot driving system of an automated type. The system created by Nissan operates well. It makes it possible for Nissan to take under the control accelerator, breaks as well as steering wheel when the speed is high enough. So lane change is going to become much easier. When this system has operated the grille of the car is illuminated so as to warn others.
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