The Pickup Version Of Cadillac Escalade: Is It Possible In The Near Future?


Starting from its second generation Cadillac Escalade introduced a pickup variant of the vehicle. It was known as EXT but the model didn’t have much popularity. As a result, this production was ceased. Even though there’re no official reasons to believe that this car will return, things may change if Mercedes will bring its X class to the market.

Rumors about New Cadillac Escalade EXT

It’s true that there’re a lot of rumors predicting the return of Cadillac Escalade EXT. They say that it will be a completely new vehicle in terms of design. Nevertheless, it’s said to share the platform and engine of the legendary SUV.

If new EXT returns, it’s believed to have a modified front fascia with a new grille which has horizontal stripes. Interior features and styling isn’t going to be much changed according to the existing reviews.

If all of the claims are true, we can expect new EXT with a 6.2-litre EcoTec3 engine of V8 type. It power output is 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. It’s likely to be mated to a 6- or 8-speed transmission.

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Will EXT Come Back Again?

So, rumors do exist and they are spread every day with new details. However, is it really possible to expect that new EXT will return?

On the one hand, it’s unlikely to happen. Today there’re such vehicles as GMC Sierra and exciting modifications of Ford and Ram. Taking it into account the release of EXT doesn’t make much sense.

On the other hand, Mercedes promises to release it X class which is nothing less than promising. It’s positioned as the most luxurious and technologically advanced truck ever. The whole policy of this car is based on luxury, prestige and price not to mention the specifications.

This model is said to have a bold front end and elegant headlights of LED type. This will be a truck which still looks sporty and slim. A vast air intake is designed to improve the aspect of power significantly. Inside you will see cream leather and expensive wood accents. The touchpad system will make it possible to control numerous aspects of this car. It’s said to come with 2.3-litre engine from Navara. Of course, this variant will cost a good deal of money.

In this case, EXT existence makes sense. Such an SUV will offer the same technologies and the same level of comfort for more sensible money.
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