Porsche 911 RSR Is Coming To The Track


Porsche 911 has built its career in the auto world owing to the racing success mainly. So the carmaker needs to support all of the achievements and continue producing cars which will win. 911 is planning to fight against numerous rivals among them are such monsters as Chevrolet and Ferrari top models. Their number doubles when 911 comes to an international arena. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that new Porsche 911 RSR is going to include top racing technologies.

Porsche 911 RSR Overview

The new season of races which starts in 2017 will include a new production by Porsche which goes as 911 RSR. It’s a racing version which is really different from the city variant. What makes it different? The answer is its mid-engine. In fact, the classical city model uses an engine of rear type while RSR has its engine placed a little bit further from the rear axle.

Why? It was made to improve such a factor as aerodynamics which is very important for a car on the racing track. In addition, the aerodynamics is improved by the means of a rear diffuser. The model uses it as a kind of a spoiler. The diffuser is inherited from victorious Hybrid racer of the same lineup.

By the way, RSR isn’t the first model which is significantly upgraded for racing purposes. One of the most successful autos by Porsche known as 935 was also based on the same production.

Porsche 911 RSR Engine

911 RSR auto has a new engine. Now it uses a monstrous unit which is capable of producing as much as 510 horsepower. This engine has 4.0 liters. It’s a flat-six type. In fact, the city version of the model gives you an opportunity to improve these characteristics with 911 Turbo variant.

Nevertheless, Porsche follows racing rules which impose certain restrictions on their production. In addition, the auto weight is around 2,500 pounds which also entails a number of limitations. The car uses six-speed transmission of sequential type.

Porsche 911 RSR Features

Even though racing cars are rarely equipped with a lot of electronics, new auto is an exception. For example, it includes a system to avoid collisions which are based on a radar data. If there’s traffic approaching the system will warn you about it so that you could avoid a collision.

Porsche 911 RSR Release Date

If you want to know when 2017 RSR will come on track, the answer is really soon. In fact, the company plans to debut their auto during Daytona race which takes place in January. There will be around 20 races where the model is going to compete.

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