The Relaunch of Muscle Cars – Who Is Next?


The era of 2000s was a paradise for those who love speed and power. It was the second coming of muscle cars which gained a lot of popularity those days. Many models have lived up to our days and are still being improved. It gives us a glimpse of hope that new generation of muscle cars is starting right now.

The Classics Never Dies

Many brand names of this segment which are well-sold today have roots back in 2000s. In fact the leading players of the muscle cars market those days were models by Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet.

For example, it was in 2000s when Ford Mustang obtained its amazing shape and exterior design which is highly recognizable in our days. Being based on D2C platform the model became a real hit.

The new versions of Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger which arrived at the same era were also interesting in terms of a good-look which made them closer to what we see today. With an impressive productivity these vehicles were much stronger than some of their rivals.

The last but not least name on this list is Chevrolet Camaro. Having discontinued its F-Body platform the car improved its sales. It doesn’t come as a surprise because of the new body which looked awesome.

Legends Return?

So can we really expect famous muscles cars to get a new shape and features? On the one hand, it’s likely to happen. The models mentioned above are still well-sold and improving them makes sense. Perhaps their trim levels will include more options. However, it’s pure rumors and official confirmations are given yet.

Speaking of rumors, many enthusiasts still claim that Ford Torino, Dodge Barracuda and Chevrolet Chevelle are already in the hands of the engineers and mechanics ready to debut in the future. Once again their manufacturers don’t reveal a thing. Speaking theoretically such models are not something to hope for. The reason is simple, the current models are released for a wide range of speed needs. So more powerful variants are a just a dream so far. Releasing weaker models doesn’t make sense at all either.

All in all, the market of muscle cars has a slight chance to introduce re-launched legends but it’s not going to happen that soon. Since a lot has been already achieved in this segment, it takes time to release something new.
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