The Return of Ford Legends – What Is Next?


Ford company has started a nostalgic and beneficial campaign which is going to please fans of the legendary models a lot. Since the name of a vehicle matters a lot carmakers are reluctant when changing titles. It’s logical that buyers get used models’ names and changing them often is bad for the product popularity. If a car has a lot of recognition, giving it a different title can result in serious financial losses. For this reason Ford is bringing its famous productions back retaining their well-known titles. So what can we expect in the near future?

Ford’s Policy of Return

As far as we can judge, Ford company perfectly understands that they will benefit from returning well-established brand names. It all started in 2000s when the car maker launched a policy of return and started working on legendary cars of the past. Something specific could be seen in 2005. Those days the company started producing new generation of Mustang. In fact it was just another version of Mustang but the vehicle was built looking like the model of 60s. It was a well-planned move in order to attract more buyers. Since this design used to be very popular such a decision couldn’t but work.

At the same time the successor of another legend of 60s arrived. It was no other than Ford GT much resembling the well-known GT40 used by racers. Taking all this situation into account, news about re-launched Ford Bronco didn’t look so odd especially after the new era of this SUV was officially confirmed.

What’s Coming Next?

Since Ford is actively working on redesigned legends of previous generations, it’s interesting to know which releases we can expect in the future. While Mustang is still well-sold and doesn’t seem to lose its points, it’s reasonable to hope for the epic Ford Torino to make a comeback. If such a vehicle will come, it’s likely to compete against Dodge Challenger. Unfortunately, it’s not very likely to happen and is going to stay just an assumption.

Many sources cherish rumors claiming that Crown Victoria is the project to be released someday. Even if it’s true, it doesn’t make any sense to release this vehicle because Ford’s lineup already has Taurus which a full-size sedan too. Even though it’s not very popular on the market, governmental organizations use it quite often.

Today some of these rumors look quite ridiculous but Bronco’s return which didn’t look possible back in 2000 is almost a reality today. Even if some of the legends will be re-produced, Ford is likely to focus on vehicles with great potential in orders to stay finically secure.
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