Toyota Camry 2010 — A Big Disappointment

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2010 Toyota Camry review
  • rear seats of second hand car
  • dashboard design
Body typeSedan
Transmission typeAutomatic
Engine displacement2.5

I’ve had numerous Camries over the years. This one is a big disappointment. The sun is reflected off so poor that it’s risky to drive it. Seats get very uncomfortable after a short drive. It constantly hits the back of my head. The auto isn’t built to suit tall people at all. What’s more when I place my seat so that my feet can reach the pedals I have to strain to get hold of steering wheel. Vice versa when my arms feel comfortable, I can’t touch the pedals. Ceiling is way too low for me. The cabin itself is not roomy enough. Steering wheel is too big because I can’t see instrument panel when driving. So I have to cock my head to see how fast I’m driving. This is risky as well. The paint began peeling soon after I bought the car. In addition this auto is too noisy, so it gets on my nerves all the time during a ride. Interior is cheap and styling is poor. Body changes are no good at all since looking behind you can’t see the rear end of the car. Neither can you see front end which causes problems when parking. Needless to say that I’m not going to advise this model to anyone else.

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