BMW 3 Series 2016 — My BMW Is A Matter Of Praise

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white wagon side view
  • rear view of compact premium estate
Body typeWagon
Transmission typeAutomatic
Engine displacement2

I fell in love with my 320i as soon as I bought it. I’m happy not to purchase 328i which costs another $4K but gives almost the same driving experience. My auto has three modes of transmission and it feels like you drive three different cars. Sport mode makes steering wheel tight. As soon as you hit gas pedal the car literally leaps out. My choice was driver’s assistance package with rear camera and sensors at four corners. They are really helpful. Navigation system is of no complaint with a large screen. The auto syncs with my iPhone automatically. Audio system excites me. It allows to save a lot of tunes on a hard disk. That’s very useful. Its exterior is flawless and I see nothing that can upset me. Interior design is beautiful too. There’re not too many buttons because everything is integrated. So you won’t get confused. I’ve heard negative comments on BMW being too complicated. I don’t think so. I think you just need to understand how BMW works and get into the process of driving it. The only thing I’d improve is Stop/Start system which tends to be slow.

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