Honda CR-V 2007 — Hasn’t Lived Up To My Expectations

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2007 Honda CRV review
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Body typeSUV
Transmission typeAutomatic
Engine displacement2.4

Strongly disappointed. Mileage is poor even though I drive not faster than an old lady. I chose Honda for its prestige but the ride isn’t really smooth, closer to economy auto. At 55K AC simply went out. Soundproof aspect doesn’t make me happy because I can hear road noise all the time when driving. Tires are terrible. They make a lot of noise too and bring a lot of discomfort. I had to buy a new set of tires after 30,000 miles. TPS system itself is constantly malfunctioned. When I had 12,000 and 20,000 miles both foglight glass covers got broken respectively. In summer it feels too hot to be inside. Air conditioning doesn’t work in a proper way. Three months after I had bought it small bubbles of rust started to appear from underneath the paint on the rear liftgate. Service department is never helpful so I have to pay a lot to fix all the problems. Relatively good steering wheel and sufficient space but this is all I can praise. Despite all the good things I’ve heard about Honda I find it not much better than VW beetle. Don’t get fooled by a prestige like I did. It’s misleading in every way.

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