Acura MDX 2001 — Reliable and Maneuverable

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2001 Acura MDX
  • silver crossover
Body typeSUV
Transmission typeAutomatic
Engine displacement3.5

Acquired my mother’s 2001 Acura MDX not that long ago. She has put around 173,000 miles on it. She had no problems with the car so when I started to drive it felt like an auto from the market. What I find as a disadvantage is that it uses too much gas. I think the auto is a bit underpowered. But I have tested 2001 Acura MDX in winter time. It’s really great in the snow. The car is quite easy to maneuver. I like that it has heated seats, cool sound system and spacious cabin. This auto is good for to take long trips or drive around town. Acura is known for its reliability and it’s not an exaggeration. I’ve never had any reasons to worry about my safety. From time to time moisture runs in the window shaft when it rains. But I can’t say that it is tendency. Don’t know the reason yet but I’ll keep you informed about this issue. The thing which I like most is how well and smooth everything works. The seats are still good even over100K. It’s a pleasure to drive it. Even though it’s not Bentley or Porsche I love this car. I’d say it’s all you can want from a SUV for a reasonable price.

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