Robby Gordon Parents Tragedy


Robby Gordon who has achieved a lot in the racing world is having hard times. A heavy bereavement has come to his family. His parents got killed under unknown circumstances. The main idea of the police is that Bob Gordon shot his wife Sharon Gordon. After that, he committed a suicide. Robby comments on this situation saying that he still does not believe that this is true.

Robert was the father of Robby Gordon. He obtained his new house back in 1989. This is where he was found dead as well as his wife Sharon Gordon. The accident happened around 5pm in Orange County. Police say that there was a rifle found at the crime scene. They also do not believe that the murderer is at large. They consider this tragedy as a murder-suicide case. Sharon Gordon was 57. She was known as the stepmother of former NASCAR racer and his sister Beccy Gordon.

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Robby Gordon still cannot believe it and hardly can he hold his tears back when commenting on this situation. When his parents were killed on Wednesday he felt absolutely shocked. He is still sure that his father has no relation to this crime and the true suspect will be found. His father Bob Gordon was an off-roader racer. According to Robby Gordon he has learned a lot from his father. This is why he finds all of these things unbelievable.

Nevertheless, former NASCAR racer says that he will continue to comment on this situation after the investigation will have come to an end. He is likely to change his mind about it all. But Robby Gordon still has not revealed what he really thinks about the reason for this tragedy. He started feeling worried when his father did not visit a doctor as was planned on that Wednesday. The family friend Jay Hooker checked Gordons’ house and found the dead bodies. He called the police and told Robby about the whole situation.

In the meantime, ex-NASCAR driver says that his father was a paragon for him and his sister Beccy Gordon. Bob Gordon has been always inspiring him, son. He was the one who supported Robby when he had problems at his career. He also regrets about the death of his step-mother Sharon Gordon. She has always been kind to him and his sister. Neighbors of the family say that Gordons were a friendly and good people. They had their comfortable house and took care of their horses.

Anyway, the reasons for the tragedy stay unknown. Police seem to be sure about the fact that this all is a murder-suicide case, however, Robby Gordon does not believe it. Neither does the whole neighborhood. The situation is going to take unexpected twists in the future.
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