Robotized Gearbox: Why Should Avoid One


When you get involved into the process of buying a car, there are a lot of issues you can some across. In our series of articles we will try to touch upon most popular sore points and help those of you who are in two minds.

When choosing an auto you cannot but think about what type of transmission you need. Hardly can we advise which one is the best but we can tell which one is you do not want to have. It is robotized gearbox. Here is why.

robotized gearbox
If you do not know, robotized gearbox is a type of manual transmission. It is also known as box robot. Its principle to change gear is automatic. In fact the electronics works as a robot which prevents you from having the whole process under control. This gearbox is a newcomer on the market but it has gathered a lot of negative feedback.

Better than Manual?

Even though carmakers claim that robotized gearbox is adjustable to any driver it is far from being true. In fact this gearbox will not follow your driving style. So you will have to change your driving habits or change the whole unit. Robot follows manufacturer settings and there is no way to get rid of this flaw.

robotized gearbox gear lever
In addition, some of robots are too slow. In other words, it takes to much for them to shift gears. In many cases gearbox switch takes delays. Some of such delays reach up to two seconds.


Talking about programmed processes hardly can you forget about failures. In other words you can expect that your robotized gearbox may have bugs and will behave unpredictably at times. It may cost you a small fortune to fix it. Not to mention the fact that the whole firmware may simply crush one day. Not only can it cause problems but it can be risky since this process is rather unpredictable. To be honest we cannot say that such drawback is a trend. It depends on the carmaker as well as on particular models but still it is a serious disadvantage.

robotized gearbox selector
It is supposed that programmed type of gearbox will work identically in any type of car with ant type of engine. However, robotized gearbox breaks rules and tries to show its personality. So you can expect that two identic robots will behave absolutely different that is no type of an advantage.
Eventually, choosing a robotized gearbox is only good for those who are of an adventurous kind and tend to try their luck. In fact you cannot trust this gearbox since it has a lot of unpredictable reactions and you never know what to expect next time. If you absolutely trust you carmaker, you can take risk but is it really worthwhile?
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