New Scorpion-3 Hoverbike


A Russian startup, Hoversurf Inc has released footage showing their fully manned hoverbike, based on quadcopter drone technology. They’ve built it with the intention of making flying accessible to the masses.

Let’s start with the obvious; yes, the propeller blades aren’t yet covered, yes, they’d likely take your leg off in an accident and yes, it would be very messy.

However, this is just a prototype at the moment, a dream realized through the possibility of crowd funding.

There is no doubt that the theory behind it is great; build a motorcycle styled vehicle, add a number of propeller blades to it and sell it as an individual transportation device that ‘surfs through the air’. However, Hoversurf Inc say that they still need a further $2 million for it to succeed, although they haven’t really defined what success looks like.

Hoversurf Inc say that the vehicle could fly as high as 350 meters, but for safety, the inbuilt software will only allow a height of 10 meters to be reached. Coupled with a 30 MPH top speed and the ability to lift 120 Kg (about 265 lbs), the Scorpion-3 looks like it really could work in the real world.

The quadcopter rotor system is a great way of controlling the vehicle; it allows for stability, speed and agility without the need for understanding a whole heap about aircraft, or having to dance around balancing throttles and pedals and balances; it’s simple and easy to control. But if even that is too much for you, there is inbuilt software that will pilot the Scorpion-3 automatically – you just need to concentrate on not falling off.

Video of Riding a Hoverbike

The whole thing is electrically powered, and current tech means that it has a 27 minute run time, but as with everything technology based, improvements will come thick and fast once it gets adopted; we could easily see flight times around the 1 hour mark which should be enough to get you most places, even at just 30 MPH.

Critics are saying that it’s nothing more than an extreme sports vehicle, which as it stands at the moment, you’d have to agree. However, if the money continues to come in, the developments will continue and the project could become commercially viable, and it could be so much more than just a single person transportation mode.

What do you think of the Hoversurf Inc Scorpion-3? Is it something that you’d try? Let us know
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