Self-Driving Car Accident From Minor To Fatal Ones


Self-driving cars are taking humanity further in terms of technological progress. Nevertheless, such vehicles are still far from being safe and reliable. Recent crashes prove it. The problem is that such autos cannot think and analyse environment the way a human does it. For instance, Google’s new autonomous car still has flaws.

Google Self-Driving Car Accident

The recent crash happened on September 23. Fortunately, the accident was not that serious. Lexus SUV equipped with self-driving technologies by Google ran a red light. The result was that the vehicle crashed into the passenger side. Nevertheless, Goggle still tries to justify itself claiming that the light was green for a short period of time. However, things changed in October. The company said that the accident is rather serious.

According to Google Lexus test driver had to be taken to a hospital. Google claims that its autonomous vehicle proceeded through a green light. The vehicle has detected another car which was approaching at 30 MPH. The autonomous vehicle used its braking system thinking that the car would run through the red light. The test driver of the Google car took manual control. That was when the other car ran through the red light and crashed Google vehicle. Both drivers were fine and had insignificant injuries.

Tesla Autopilot Fatal Crash

If the Google’s example is not that dangerous, there are cases involving the death of a driver. Thus, Tesla driver was killed when using Autopilot technology. The drama happened on May 7 in Florida. 40-year-old Joshua Brown turned this technology on when he was on a highway.

The system has failed to identify a large truck against a bright sky. Tesla onboard computer decided to drive full speed mode. The result was torn off the top of the Tesla vehicle. Brown was a fan of Tesla self-driving technologies. He used to post a lot of videos showing this system at work. One of his videos showed how a self-driving car saves him from a collision. He gathered 1 million views when Tesla tweeted this.

Prevention of Self-Driving Accidents

The examples mentioned above prove that booming popularity of self-driving vehicles can be a mistake. The fact that autonomous cars will flood our planet is inevitable. However, it is quite early to test them in real traffic.

Carmakers realize it very well. That is why they improve their products. Lidar and GPS technologies are getting updated to provide the full environment map which will help the car to identify obstacles. Onboard computers are getting smarter to understand when they should or should not stop. Sensors of such vehicles are getting sharper as well. Perhaps Google’s promises to create fully autonomous car soon will come true.
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