Shelby Rumored To Have Series One Successor


Some legends are made to stunt, some are made to change history while others are made to live forever. This is the case with Shelby Series 1. Despite numerous advantages of this titan of American manufacturing culture, it is known as the only car designed by Carroll Shelby from top to toe.

If you ask who Carroll Shelby is, you probably need to be a bit more experienced in the auto world. An American racer and designer he has sacrificed a lot to develop car industry.

shelby series 1

A Unique Supercar

What made Series 1 so special? To begin with, there were only 249 original models released. It was an engineering miracle in the 90s. Its body had carbon fiber and panels laminated with fiberglass. Its chassis was made from extruded 6061 aluminum. To support stiffness aluminum honeycomb panels were used. The power could be distributed in two ways. Either by means of 4.0 liter DOHC Aurora V8 or by the same supercharged version. With a blower attached, this car could provide up to 450 horsepower. Shelby Series exterior was rather minimalistic. It was more like a monolithic piece of silver with orange stripes on it. The car was full of power to unleash.

Those of you who regret about this pearl being lost may be glad to hear that there is a possibility of Shelby Series 1 coming back. Now that more than a decade has passed since original production of this auto, the car can be considered as vintage. This is the reason which may return the rush of interest to it among collectors. It is estimated that price of vintage Shelby Series 1 amounts up to $115,000.

shelby series 1 concept

Possible Return

Nevertheless, modern manufacturers do not give up the idea of returning this auto to the market. For instance, it was announced by Shelby Automobiles in 2006 that they were going to continue production of the model. It was promised to go as Series II including a few modifications. Among them were revised rear and front ends. Unfortunately, this idea failed to live up to expectations and the car stayed nothing more than a concept. It happened due to certifying the vehicle to Federal standards which made its price around $225,000.
The story could have stopped at this point but a company known as Superformance Distribution which brings Foose Coupe for sale comes with an unexpected offer. It has just a few Shelby Series II for sale. They are identified as vehicles specially constructed and give a potential driver an opportunity to add a powertrain. According to the rumors, four Shelby were still built which makes this line, even more, mystique and intriguing.

shelby series 1 successor art
Judging from existing facts and interest to Shelby most successful series, there is a likelihood that Series 1 successor will return to the market. However, there are still too many unveiled question. Stay tuned to learn more about them as soon as we get more information on this topic.
  • Mark Logan

    The Shelby Series II is back in production. Estimates are 8-10 per year will be built at a starting price of $295,000 for the carbon fiber body car, and $595,000 for the aluminum body car. There are several optional power trains available, including the original 4.0 L, twin cam, supercharged V8 producing 550 HP. For more information, contact

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