Sports car Buying Tips


Sports cars are made to stunt with its power, design, and features. Buying one can be an expensive investment. So you need to think twice before spending a small fortune on such vehicle. Our guide is already here to help you with your choice.

Which style to choose?

The majority of modern sportscars are offered as convertible or coupe. The coupe is known for its design with a closed type of roof while convertibles are the ones which have an open type of roof. It depends on your own preferences which style to choose but you should know that cars with no roof are less protected in comparison to their brothers. The level of noise is also lower in convertibles as well. Nevertheless, there are good options for sun lovers such as BMW Z4, Mercedes-Benz SLK or Volkswagen Eos. Their main drawback is a lack of room for luggage since folding top usually eats a lot of space.

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Pushing or pulling?

Most of the sports cars are made as rear wheel drive. It helps to achieve sharper handling as well as steering. However, you need better driving skills to handle something with rear wheel drive. You can encounter a few tricks in slippery weather. Even though sports cars are equipped with systems to control stability and traction, it is better to rely on your own experience. Among front wheel drive autos, there are such options as Volkswagen Scirocco and Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet. Some of the best four-wheel drive models are Porsche 911 and Quattro Audi lineup.

sportcar buying tips

Be careful with the spec

Values for used sports cars are very dependable on their specifications. Some combinations of trims and gearboxes are more welcome on the market than others. Thus, Audi A5 of coupe type with 3.2 FSI engine will save 39% of its initial price in three years while S5 model will save around 50% of its value.

audi a5

Fragility aspect

One of the weak points of sport cars is that despite looking cool they are easy to damage. According to the latest surveys among drivers, the most fragile models are Volkswagen Eos and Porsche Boxster. So you should be careful choosing these autos while their competitors such as Mazda MX5, BMW 1 Series, and Audi A5 are much more reliable.

Can you really afford it?

Many people are wrong thinking that saving money to buy a sports car is enough. What you need to remember as well is running cost. It means you will need to take into account tax, fuel consumption, parts, servicing, insurance cost and more. However, sport cars are beloved at the second-hand market so they will not lose much of their value. Do not forget to plan your budget well before making a purchase.

mazda mx-5
Ultimately buying a sportscar is a matter of taste. Think well if it fits your lifestyle and driving skills. Not only should an auto be attractive but convenient as well. Do not forget about it when making your choice.
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