Spy Shots Of the New Generation Ford Ranger


Good news for all of those who loves Ford Ranger. The model is already being tested. According to Bill Johnson from UAW, this legendary model is making a return. It means that car lovers who want a decent midsize pickup which is competitive in terms of off road experience there’s something to hope for. Not only is it good for fans but also makes sense in terms of economy. Now that American market of trucks and SUVs is not that filled with offers, it’s great time for this model to come.

For all of these reasons Ford has already made an official statement. One of their most famous and recognizable trucks will arrive in 2019. The car will be presented in 2018, at least this is what’s said so far. The carmaker revealed this plan during the latest Detroit Auto Show also mentioning that they’re going to launch the new Bronco in 2020. This is all that Ford has revealed since then but some of the details have already leaked and there’s something to share about this model.

READ ALSOWill The New Ranger Be Quite Different From The Last Model? 

If you don’t know a lot about what’s going on in the world of Ford it will be a surprise for you that Ranger isn’t dead at all. Its recent generation is still being built. The vehicle is produced in Thailand, South Africa, and Argentina. You can buy it almost in any region but not in North America. Nevertheless, Ford is planning to completely relaunch the production and the market will see something absolutely new. As far as we know it will be produced in Michigan.

Likely a Facelifted One

One of the leaks belongs to Ford’s designer who teased Ranger fans on Reddit. He wrote that this lineup is going to be a facelifted variant of what is sold on the foreign market. There will be a lot of new elements which 2018 Ranger can boast. For example, it will use new shape of the headlights with a modified grille. Its front fascia will have a different look as well. However, the designer reports that the rest of the body will stay largely the same.

Speaking of the interior, it’s a blank canvas so far because it will be all new. It will get new technologies, new devices and new safety features. This is what’s promised for the U.S. market but there’s no certainty about what exactly will be used and for which purposes.

It’s still unclear what engine will be used for the future generation of Ford Ranger sold in U.S. Some sources predict that a perfect fit for this market could be 3.2-litre turbodiesel of five cylinders. It was also used for the Transit. Other sources claim that Ford has set an eye on the approach of Chevrolet Colorado which uses diesel technologies. If so, Ford may well start using diesel engines too. They still need to understand whether diesel version is worth selling or not. Some of the predictions are about two gasoline engines. One of them can be a four-cylinder EcoBoost of turbo type while another one can be a V6 of a naturally-aspired kind.

This model has a chance to be equipped with manual transmission with RWD. You may also see it with 10-speed automatic which will be good for the price.

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