Subaru XV STI Released For Domestic Market


The Subaru marked with the emblem of the STI, a priori cause palpitations, but not all of them are really extreme. For example, Subaru Technica International moderately “warmed” Subaru XV Hybrid crossover. An interesting car makes at least one fact – it is actually the first hybrid car of the sports division.

Japanese domestic market the car will cost the equivalent of $31,700.

subaru xv hybrid ts

Hybrid version of the Subaru XV is relatively calm and ordinary car with no pretensions. It has the 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine, working in conjunction with a 13-horsepower electric motor that is integrated into the CVT and is powered by nickel metal hydride batteries. But what is XV with promising tS prefix, hints at the intervention of Subaru Technica International specialists?

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Same Engine Inside

Say at once – the gasoline engine has remained unchanged and maintained at the same power level. However, the crossover has something to please the driver. Innovation, first of all, is in the chassis. Set of a different springs and dampers, as well as the added elements to increase the rigidity of the body. In particular, there is a stretching between the front pillars.

subaru xv hybrid ts exterior

Technical upgrades supports striking exterior – tuning hybrid could throw dust into the eyes badly! It is dressed in a pretty delicate aerodynamic bodykit with bright orange accents, which also has 17-inch wheels. Note the location of the exhaust pipes on the rear bumper nearly at the center – it looks strange, and it limits the departure angle in off-road conditions.
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