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CarsInTrend is now becoming more reader-oriented and we are hunger for your stories. Pretty soon our website will get 3 new sections: Owners’ Reviews, Travel Stories, and Tuning/Repairs. We will publish your story on a website with more than 10,000 of daily traffic!

Owners’ reviews

If you have a car and you really like it or otherwise, want to share your opinion with our readers – please feel free to submit your review in our form. Confide your experience to us.

Travel stories

Have you travel on your car around the States? Or made a fascinating trip to an exotic country on a car? Maybe you had an unusual experience with a rented car abroad? Namely, any car travel stories. Share your experience with us.


If you had a unique, highly modified vehicle, which was made using your design and incarnated thoughts of a really cool car, please share with us the story of your car and its modification.
In case you are a real DIY master and knows some easy instruction of how to repair something in your car, it might be useful for our readers, share with us.
Are you engaged in classic cars restoration? That’s just great!

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