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2019 BMW 3 series
2019 BMW 3-series Get New Compact Turbo Engine

The BMW 3 Series is about the nearest thing in the automotive world that comes close to legendary, or least that’s currently in production (so not including the muscle cars of yesteryear!). It has been in constant production for over forty years, since 1975 and […]

2017 Toyota Yaris iA
2017 Toyota Yaris iA is a rebadged Scion iA

The 2017 Toyota Yaris iA is somewhat a mixed pedigree; originally a Scion iA, it inherited a few Toyota badges to become the Yaris iA, but in reality, it is actually a Mazda 2 in disguise. Confused? Given that we are talking pretty much the […]

2018 Volkswagen Jetta
New Jetta 2018 will get only a minor upgrades for USA

Volkswagen make some of the most popular cars in the world, think of the Golf as an example! The Jetta has been well received over the years, always selling in good numbers and has a reputation for reliability, comfort and great economy. Volkswagen are hoping […]

2018 Toyota Corolla
2018 Corolla Redesign Is The Next Generation of All-time Bestseller

Despite Toyota being one of the largest and most popular manufacturers in the world, the Toyota Corolla has been one of the least popular models ever produced by the automotive giant. The current model is the 11th generation and hasn’t seen much improvement or updating […]

2018 Lexus IS
2018 Lexus IS – only minor changes expected

The Lexus IS has been with us for a few years now, the styling on the newer models is a mixture of sharp angles and swooping lines; it looks muscular, sporting and aggressive while still remaining stylish and cool looking – it’s a hard trick […]

2018 Acura ILX
2018 Acura ILX: the compact premium relauched

The Acura ILX is all about first’s; it was first introduced in 2012, it was the first compact from Acura in seven years and the first model from Acura to be a hybrid. The ILX is the entry level model in to the Acura brand, […]

2018 Ford Focus
New Ford Focus 2018 will get stretched platform

Focus is one of the most successful models of the Ford corporation. It is sold in almost all countries of the world and is manufactured in several factories around the globe. 2018 Ford Focus is expected to be significantly modified. This will be the fourth […]

2017 kia rio
2017 Kia Rio will get only cosmetic changes

On the North American market, Kia Rio emerged in 2001. Сompact-class car as the sedan and hatchback is popular due to its reliability and reasonable price. The company is preparing a small modernization of the 2017 Kia Rio. Targeted improvements touched the body, interior, and chassis. […]

2017 jaguar xe
2017 Jaguar XE available with AWD

Jaguar XE has won the title of the most dynamic sports sedan in the mid-size segment, setting new standards in comfort for the driver and introduces new advanced technologies. 2017 Jaguar XE offers new generation multimedia system InControl Touch Pro, all wheel drive, and Configurable Dynamics […]

2018 BMW 3 series
2018 BMW 3 series: new design, higher quality

According to the first information about the new generation of the legendary 3 series successor, will be released in 2018. It is expected 2018 BMW 3 series will get a new G20 codename. BMW is planning a new 3-Series to become the market leader and beat […]

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