2017 Nissan Micra
2017 Nissan Micra Is Compact But Spacious

2017 Nissan Micra is a long anticipated mini model by Nissan. The vehicle is going to be released next year with a number of engines and updated design.

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2017 MINI Cooper
2017 MINI Cooper get a 4-door body though keeps traditions

Where do we start with the 2017 MINI Cooper? The original MINI was designed by (Sir) Alec Issigonis, all the way back in 1959, it was designed to be cheap, reliable and small transport that could fit a family. It fitted the bill pretty well, […]

experimental go kart rotary engine
Experimental Go Kart Rotary Engine

Experimental go-kart rotary engine has already debuted with impressive results. Its size and price make it a strong competitor. Its plan is to get inside of electric cars.

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2016 Audi RS5 beats all competitors

In 2010 avant-garde sports model range Audi added another “rookie” – at the March Geneva motor show nailed “extreme” coupe RS5, which became “king” in the family of “fives”. 2016 Audi RS5 release date The novelty will appear by the end of 2016, and the […]

2017 Audi A1
2017 Audi A1 upcoming facelift

Audi have recently given a formal presentation of the two new cars for 2017; the Audi A1 and the A1 Sportback. These two new models have a lot to live up to; the predecessor sold nearly half a million units around the world. 2017 Audi […]

2017 Mini Paceman redesign
2017 Mini Paceman: unusual coupe-crossover

Brand Mini multiplies and less and less lives up to its tiny name. No giants in a model row of the British producer yet, but the “growth hormone” can be traced for a long time. MINI Countryman, MINI Clubman and finally the Mini Paceman B-class […]

2017 Volkswagen Beetle – convertible and hatchback

At the recent Los Angeles auto show was the premiere of the 2017 Volkswagen Beetle, the concept being shown at the Detroit auto show the previous year. This next generation version of the model is almost a match for the prototype design. 2017 VW Beetle […]

2017 Fiat 500 – upgraded Italian compact

Compact hatchback Fiat 500, survived a slight update. The model made it to the domestic market few months later the presentation took place at their plant in Turin. Day premiere – July 4 – is a landmark for the manufacturer, because this figure was on […]

2017 Chrysler 100
2017 Chrysler 100 – Alfa Romeo with American heart

The range of “Chrysler” now more than ever modest at only four models. To start its expansion, the company decided bottom. The fifth model in the range will be a hatchback Golf class, which already rolls test miles on U.S. roads. 2017 Chrysler 100 release […]

2017 BMW i3 concept
2017 BMW i3 Electric will outrun Nissan, but will lose to Chevrolet

The German automaker intends to carry out an upgrade of the electric vehicle BMW i3, and next year the model will be able on a single charge to drive the distance in one and a half times more than now. So, the Bavarians will be […]

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