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2018 Toyota Tundra
New 2018 Toyota Tundra will get diesel

The next major update of the Tundra won’t be until at least 2018, according to a source at the Japanese company. That source also went on to say that the next generation Tundra will be designed for fuel-efficiency, but will have several load capacities; 1,000, […]

2019 Toyota Tundra
2019 Toyota Tundra – The Redesign Is Coming

Toyota introduced the Tundra almost ten years ago, it has gone on to become a good seller for the Japanese manufacturer, but it’s still some way short of the domestic pickup truck sales. Very little information has been released regarding the new Tundra, but from […]

2018 Chevy Silverado
2018 Chevy Silverado might receive a diesel

GM is continuously working toward improving its mid and full-size pickup truck range, we’re expecting to see the new Chevrolet Silverado in 2018; with a slightly updated design and revised engine range. The Silverado is still one of the most popular pickups on sale in […]

2017 Ford F 250
2017 Ford F 250 Is Ready For Heavy Duty

Pickups in America are a staple form of transport, it is one of the largest markets for vehicle manufacturers and Ford are perhaps the biggest player in that area. The F series has been around for decades, it has sold well and that is why […]

2018 Ford Raptor – Twin-Turbo V8 Pickups King

The Ford Raptor is a giant of vehicle, both physically and in terms of sales; it’s one of the most popular models available. Ever since Ford introduced the model, it has sold well and out-performed most of the competition. The rugged, perhaps even aggressive looks […]

2018 GMC Sierra
2018 GMC Sierra will keep V8 in top trims

The current generation of premium GMC pickups has received a small update of the exterior, while the high-grade new generation can be expected in the form of a 2018 GMC Sierra. The new pickup truck will have significantly upgraded the platform, which will also receive […]

2018 Dodge Ram
2018 Dodge Ram Concept Show A New Design, Production Version Remains The Same

Hugely popular pickup from Fiat Chrysler, which recently subdivided a separate Ram brand. According to the road map of the corporation, in 2017 and most likely at the end of next year, is expected a major upgrade of the line of light pickup trucks. The most […]

2017 GMC 3500
2017 GMC 3500 Sierra HD – truck for centuries

Along with updating especially adapted to the harsh conditions version Heavy Duty pickup Chevrolet Silverado for 2017 model year, GM produces a car under the brand GMC Sierra – truck which for over a century known to the world and also boasts a host of […]

2017 Ram 3500
2017 RAM 3500 pickup with the dynamics of the car

The Dodge RAM 3500 has the dynamics of a passenger car and the utility of a truck. A unique design, well-equipped, spacious cabin, leather interior and a powerful engine make the RAM 3500 super popular, allied to great load carrying capacity. No wonder that the […]

2017 GMC 2500 Release Date
2017 GMC 2500 new diesel model specs

GMC to issue on the market additional new model in 2017 – GMC 2500. This will be the one of the most prevalent pickup trucks from Dodge-GMC, which will endure most tough competitors, especially in the division of mid-size trucks. Soon whole series could be […]

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