2018 Audi A7
2018 Audi A7 will continue the model line of updated Audi cars

Audi goes firm step to the complete renewal of its model range, which will be fully updated in the period from 2016 to 2018. We have already talked about the upcoming A6, now it’s time to accumulate all rumors and speculations regarding its luxurious coupe-style […]

2017 infiniti q30
2017 Infiniti Q30 will be sold in US under crossover name

Japanese compact premium hatchback 2017 Infiniti Q30 presented publicly in Germany at the Frankfurt Motor Show. With the new hatchback, the company will try to gain a foothold in a new compact class for itself, along with the crossover modification Infiniti QX30. New Infiniti Q30 […]

2017 infiniti qx30
2017 Infiniti QX30: elegant GLA cousin

New 2017 Infiniti QX30 crossover officially debuted in Los Angeles (USA) and Guangzhou (China). Premium compact QX30 is based on a new modular MFA platform is powered by Mercedes-Benz. So the car is a cousin for the German crossover Mercedes-Benz GLA. Novelty is positioned as […]

2018 Ford Focus
New Ford Focus 2018 will get stretched platform

Focus is one of the most successful models of the Ford corporation. It is sold in almost all countries of the world and is manufactured in several factories around the globe. 2018 Ford Focus is expected to be significantly modified. This will be the fourth […]

2017 Mazda 3
2017 Mazda 3 will get new features

New 2017 Mazda 3 is a logical continuation of the current generation model. The updated version has just minor changes in appearance and specifications. Immediately it should be noted that the five-door hatchback and four-door sedan Mazda 3 family has barely changed inside and outside […]

2018 Nissan Leaf
2018 Nissan Leaf will extend its range to 200 miles+

Nissan Leaf will appear as the second-generation model of 2018 Nissan Leaf, or as some 2017 model year. It is not known, but it has become public knowledge – Nissan became firmly on the path of electric vehicle development, which may cover more than 200 […]

2017 kia rio
2017 Kia Rio will get only cosmetic changes

On the North American market, Kia Rio emerged in 2001. Сompact-class car as the sedan and hatchback is popular due to its reliability and reasonable price. The company is preparing a small modernization of the 2017 Kia Rio. Targeted improvements touched the body, interior, and chassis. […]

2017 Hyundai Accent
2017 Hyundai Accent Review With Important Changes and Pricing

In 2015, the Hyundai Accent was a very popular vehicle, reaching unprecedented sales levels, but the new for 2017 model has received significant updates and changes, both to the interior and exterior, aesthetically and technically. 2017 Hyundai Accent release date The release date of modernized […]

2017 Ford Focus RS
2017 Ford Focus RS: almost a rally car

Ford Company organized a preliminary presentation of the new generation of its five-door hot hatchback. This is the 2017 Ford Focus RS of third generation. The presentation took place on the Internet. This also premiered at the Geneva Motor Show, which took place in March this year. […]

2017 Kia Soul
2017 Kia Soul will get improved body design

The Korean manufacturer Kia are in the process of finalizing their updated crossover, the Soul, and are now openly testing the new version on public roads; spy shots of the vehicle have been released on the internet. 2017 Kia Soul release date The Kia Soul […]

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