2018 Toyota Tacoma
2018 Tacoma might have redesigned suspension, diesel version

Little is known about the 2018 Toyota Tacoma; some people are saying that it will have one engine, while others say it will be something completely different. Of course, no one really knows what the specification will be, but from talking to our sources, we […]

2018 Chevy Avalanche
2018 Chevy Avalanche might be the best family pickup

The Chevy Avalanche is a big beast of a pickup, full-size as the Americans may say. The next generation model, the 2018 Chevy Avalanche, will undergo a raft of changes and upgrades to keep it competitive with the Nissan Navara and Toyota Tundra. It’s a […]

2017 Ford Super Chief
2017 Ford Super Chief And Another Concept Pickups

2017 Ford Super Chief and another concept pickups with details about cars way from an idea to a fully equipped vehicle.

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2018 Ford Raptor – Twin-Turbo V8 Pickups King

The Ford Raptor is a giant of vehicle, both physically and in terms of sales; it’s one of the most popular models available. Ever since Ford introduced the model, it has sold well and out-performed most of the competition. The rugged, perhaps even aggressive looks […]

2018 nissan frontier
2018 Nissan Frontier will be totally redesigned, get diesel engine

Current generation Frontier is undoubtedly one of the most outdated pickup trucks on the market. Carrying almost a 10-year old Nissan design, along with archaic engines, it requires a total update, meaning generation change. In 2017 Nissan will busy to release a brand new Titan […]

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel
2017 Dodge Ram Rebel truck is a big American pickup made for Americans

2017 Dodge RAM Rebel is a name that is synonymous with America and American pickups; large cabin, large trunk and large wheels. So popular is the pickup, that there will now be an off-road version available – the 1500 Rebel. 2017 Dodge Ram release date […]

2017 Chevy Colorado
2017 Chevrolet Colorado might get new gearbox and trim levels

Not so long ago the international market version of the Colorado has updated, but the update did not affect the version for North American market. Overall, GM’s not announced a new model for the 2017 model year, so we expect only minor changes. Most likely, […]

fast and furious 8 cars
Fast and Furious 8 cars starring

Fast and Furious 8 car starring is going to keep you glued to your screen. It is going to be a mixture of retro style, comfortable coupes and top speed monsters.

2018 Dodge Ram
2018 Dodge Ram Concept Show A New Design, Production Version Remains The Same

Hugely popular pickup from Fiat Chrysler, which recently subdivided a separate Ram brand. According to the road map of the corporation, in 2017 and most likely at the end of next year, is expected a major upgrade of the line of light pickup trucks. The most […]

2017 Ford Ranchero
2017 Ford Ranchero: the return of true sport utility

Nowadays there is a tendency among people who like to have something very special – in terms of everything, including cars. They do not need ordinary family cars, sedans, SUVs or coupes. They need something very special and moreover – niche product. Something only a […]

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