Volvo V60 VS BMW 3-Series comparison
Station wagons competition: Volvo V60 or BMW 3-Series Estate?

Station wagons are not very popular on the market of U.S. Still you can choose between Volvo’s V60 and BMW’s 3series estate. Surprisingly, they both are quite different and have different goals. There’re serious reasons to buy one of these cars.

2017 Dodge Magnum
Revival Of Extreme Station Wagon Is The 2017 Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum name has been used on a number of vehicles and models, either as a standalone model or to indicate that it’s the top trim-level (as in the case of the Brazilian Dodge Dart). Back in 2004, Dodge decided to revive it, but the station wagon was a flop. For 2017, they’re doing it again, but this time, it seems they’ve got it right.

2017 BMW 5 series
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