New Autopilot From Tesla Would Require Advanced Hardware


It was two years ago when Tesla first represented its autopilot system which included the front camera and radar along with 360° of ultrasonic type. Its next modification which was released the following year was upgraded with Autopark feature and Autosteer one.

Now that 2016 is on Tesla offers an autopilot of next generation which will be equipped with new software. New autopilot gives you an opportunity of a fully autonomous drive of the third level. The opportunity of autonomous driving of the fourth level is still in consideration.

tesla autopilot requires more hardware

The famous radar for front facing is still in use. However, you can find it at every corner of an auto with this technology. Another feature to boast about is triple camera system. It requires a few modifications from current models such S, for instance. However, X types have already being seen with this innovation. That is why there expectations that S models will also be equipped with it.

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Radars for Better Driving

According to Tesla future models will largely rely on radars. Even though some of the models still use Lidar program, there is a high likelihood that upcoming generation will refuse from such approach and we may well expect total radar introduction. They will be equipped with opportunity to function well even in rainy, snowy and foggy weather. It is said to be achieved through antennas which will be added to many Tesla models.

tesla autopilot requires more hardware

There are rumors that the company has already decided which software to use for the autopilot of next generation. Some of systems will be completely new, however, some of them will be borrowed from 1.0 version. In addition upcoming autopilot is going to offer better safety features which will be more reliable.

As for the system of a triple camera, it is promised to be based on Mobileye’s Front Trifocal Constellation. Its advantage is in the field of 50 ° view for the primary camera. There is also a narrower camera which has 25 ° field of view while its fisheye camera has 150 ° field of view. All of them provide you with higher detection of objects.

tesla autopilot scheme

In fact, Tesla next generation autopilot is almost here. Vehicles which are already in production are going to be equipped with new sensors while triple camera is in use for some models. What is more, there are rumors that Tesla has started cooperating with Nvidia to create the new platform for their computers in upcoming cars. Nvidia is going to be the supplier for automaker and will provide decisions for infotainment consoles as well. The result of such collaboration will be available already this fall, if the promises live up to expectations.
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