Tesla Supercharging Is Not Free Anymore


Tesla is growing up so it’s logical that they are not going to provide free charging anymore. Those who expected Tesla supercharger to be free forever are going to get disappointed. Here’s why.

Beginning from this January any driver of Tesla will have 400 kWh of Tesla free supercharging. It is enough to drive around 1,000 miles. Nevertheless, the company still doesn’t give any particular details on how much it will cost to drive after that limited is exceeded. They still promise that it will be a small fee. In fact, they want to make it much cheaper than buying gas. Those of you who had order Tesla models before that date are at an advantage. You’ll have free Tesla charging for life.

Now that Tesla is moving away from luxurious cars and sets an eye on mass production, the problem of offering free charging is very important for the company. Elon Musk plans to have sold half a million cars by 2020. So Tesla has simply outgrown itself and it can’t afford such a luxury as free energy.

Is Tesla supercharging free access going to appear in the future? It’s unlikely. The company is going to build new Superchargers which requires a lot of money. Turning on a Supercharger is quite an expensive process. It’s similar to turning on around 10 of US homes. So if there’s a big amount of cars charging at the same time it requires a lot of power which is a big price. Tesla can’t simply afford it. So the use of solar energy and similar sources would dramatically lower the costs. Tesla is going to focus on this policy as well.

Tesla used a stick to a policy which said that you should charge your Tesla car just like you charge your smartphone. You simply plug it in when you’re not using it. It was a bright idea in theory but it hasn’t lived up to expectations in practice. It’s not only because of Tesla growth. You all are familiar with those inconvenient moments when your smartphone runs out of energy on the go. It’s so irritating. The same applies to Tesla vehicles. Supercharger network was a terrific help for people who need to charge being far from home or any type of energy source. Now that Tesla is going to refuse from this idea there’re a lot of questions how they will keep their vehicles charged.

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