Tesla Model 3 is a pre-order bestseller


Tesla Motors, as promised, released images of the prototype of a new 2017 Tesla Model 3 electric sedan. Technical details are minimum, but that did not stop more than one hundred thousand customers worldwide for pre-order of the sensational car.

The silver color a la molten metal looks great on mid-size Tesla Model 3 electric sedan. The car looks like a deliberate aerodynamic as if fashioned by air currents. Of course, hardly 115,000 people throughout the world, pre-order , were led to the appearance of spectacular electric car: in fact, it looks like a more compact Model S with the front fascia of the Tesla Model X.

tesla model 3 electric sedan

One of the main factors to attract customers has become a base price of 35 000 dollars – half the initial price list of Model S 70D and almost comparable with the BMW 320i in the US cost. This miracle of Tesla Motors is able to accelerate to 60 in less than 6 seconds. Range – more than 200 miles. Obviously, at the beginning will be released RWD version, to which later joined by a more powerful AWD equipped with a battery of increased capacity and ability to charge from the outlet to the outlet considerably greater distance. All standard Model 3 will have unmanned control complex and a large multimedia screen on the front panel in the style of Model S.

tesla model 3 photo

Alas, the new force yourself to wait – production will start only in late 2017. It is difficult to predict the state of the US market of “green” cars on such a remote period. Recall that last year, electric vehicles become more popular in the US by 6.6%, however, there has been a decline in interest on a background of reduction in price of oil in recent months. Nevertheless, the Model 3 has a chance to become a truly mass – with its annual output of Tesla Motors will increase to half a million copies.

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