New Tesla Model S 100D Break Records In EV Range


Tesla have quietly slipped in another model, the Tesla Model S 100D, not to be confused with the P100D variant – the performance version.

We all know of the stunning P100D; it’s currently the fastest production car (0 – 60 MPH) on sale – faster than the McLaren P1 thanks to its high performance electric motor; 0 – 60 MPH in 2.4 seconds.

But what of the Model S 100D?

Tesla have concentrated on improving the range rather than the performance – the new model will reach an extended range of 335 miles.

Tesla Model S 100D Release date

The Tesla Model S 100D is available right now; it has been in the showroom and on Tesla’s website since December 2016.

Tesla Model S 100D release date: already available

Tesla Model S 100D Price

This is where it gets a bit complicated; the official price is $93,700 which includes Tesla’s $1,200 destination charge, but with discounts and incentives, you’re going to be paying somewhere closer to the $80,000 mark – around $84,000 depending on exactly where you are based within the U.S.

Tesla Model S 100D Redesign and Changes

The basic Model S is the same – no changes to the styling and equipment, but Tesla are using that 100 kWh battery pack to extend the range rather than add performance.

Having said that, the Model S 100D will still hit a limited 155 MPH and do the zero to sixty sprint in 4.2 seconds, so it’s not a slouch by any means.

Tesla Model S 100D Video

Tesla Model S 100D Range

This extra range means that the Model S 100D has the best range of any production run, full electric vehicle – Tesla say that 335 miles to each charge is a very realistic target.

Tesla Model S 100D Upgrade

Will this mean that the 90D will be phased out? We suspect that it will. The 100D is just $3,000 more than the 90D, meaning that Tesla are very likely to quietly remove it from their line up – there’s no reason to buy the 90D now.

If performance is your thing, Tesla have good news for you also; U.S. customers waiting for the P90D with Ludicrous Mode can now upgrade their order to a P100D for just $10,000, if you already own a P90D and want to upgrade, it will cost you $20,000 – a big proportion of that is recycling of the batteries.

The Tesla Model S 100D is $39,500 cheaper than the P100D for the sedan version. For near enough forty grand cheaper, we’d be happy with the ‘sedate’ acceleration of the 100D.

What do you think of the Tesla? Is it something that you’re wanting?
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The 100D is almost a ideal electric car on the market - high-performance in combination with outstanding electric range.

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