Configuration Tool For Tesla Model X Become Available


Tesla Motors website opened an online configurator to select the exterior colors and other features of the new Model X. The top of the range electric crossover will have a dynamic of a supercar.

Those customers of Tesla Motors, which at the time to pay for the preorder of Model X Signature Series $40 000, finally got an opportunity to proceed to the order. On the company website an online configurator was opened where you can see not only the first official photos (see our Tesla Model X article), but also the specs of the new electric crossover, as well as the pricing for additional equipment.

2016 tesla model x

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More Money Means More Power

So, what do buyers receive in Tesla Model X Signature Series ($132 000, excluding tax benefits)? Four-wheel drive seven-seater crossover is equipped with two electric motors with output of 259 hp (front axle) and 503 hp (rear axle), so even in the basic configuration the acceleration to 60 mph takes stunning 3.8 seconds. For those who wants more, there is a Ludicrous mode (extra $10 000): 3.2 seconds to “sixty” and a quarter mile from standstill in 11.7 seconds – it seems that the table of ranks in drag racing should be seriously reviewed. The top speed of Model X will be limited to 155 miles per hour, and the battery capacity of 90 kWh will provide up to 240 miles without recharging.

2016 tesla model x interior

The basic configuration includes many interesting features: full parking autopilot with automatic hold function specified on the highway corridor, automatically retractable carbon fiber spoiler, air suspension with electronic memory sections of the road (using GPS), an eight-year unlimited mileage warranty and free recharge at all Supercharger stations.

Additionally, you can order a winter package for $1000 (heated steering wheel, windscreen wipers zone and the washer fluid reservoir, three-zone cabin heater) and a special kit for the hauling of heavy trailers ($750). Configurator for basic Tesla Model X will be opened only after all the customers who made the preorder configure their Signature series Model X.
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