Tesla P100D Discovered With Price And Specs


Tesla continues to develop the segment of electric cars. Their new modification is known as Tesla P100D which is the improved version famous Model S. The new production has improved speed characteristics along with some of the exterior features. New Tesla P100D has already won a few titles. Even though the model hasn’t changed its design significantly carmakers have modified the body of the auto a little bit which protects you from damage much better. What else is new? You’re about to discover it.

Tesla P100D Overview

Elon Musk from Tesla has already revealed a few secrets about new Tesla P100D. To begin with, the fastest electric car on Earth is going to become even faster. Yes, that’s true new Tesla boasts about higher speed and productivity in comparison to its older relative.

In addition, the auto is provided with the all-new glass roof. According to Tesla, it was difficult to implement this feature but it’s really worth of the efforts. They do recommend to try this roof because it gives a crystal clear view of the sky. What’s more new production takes care of your safety. Thus, they have remade the body of the auto which is more reliable now and can protect you from damage much better. The model is offered as all-wheel-drive. Want to know more about how fast the fastest car is? Read along.

Tesla P100D Horsepower

Long story short, new Tesla is capable of providing up to 567 kW which is the equivalent of 760 horsepower. This is much more in comparison to the latest Model S which could offer 500 kW only. In addition, new Tesla P100D makes it 0-60 MPH in just 2.5 seconds while 0-100 acceleration 6.5 seconds which is significantly faster compared to its predecessor. By the way, P100D has already earned the name of the quickest production in the world.

Tesla P100D Price

To be honest, P100D addition which was released earlier this month isn’t exclusive for Model S. It’s also available on Model X SUV. So if you choose the first variant you’re going to pay as much as $142,000.

Those of you who prefer the latter variant need to pay around $146,000. Some critics find that Tesla has overpriced its production but it’s arguable. In fact, they have made a big job concerning safety features of the model as well as the panoramic roof. What’s more such speed characteristics are rather difficult to achieve as well. Perhaps, such a luxury is still too much for an average driver but new technologies always require higher investments.

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