Tesla Model T might be the future Pickup Truck


Tesla Motors go ambitious with their plan of expansion. They intend to invade into every major segment of carmaking including pickups as well as heavy duty trucks. This announcement was made by Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk. As he says, the company not only is the company going to produce pickups and trucks but also mass transit vehicles along with ride sharing and self-driving technologies. They are said to be way too safer in comparison to a driver at the wheel.

Tesla Model T price

Musk proves that the company does plan to meet the demands of those who love trucks. Thus, Tesla is supposed to focus on Model 3 sedan, futuristic and compact SUV as well as new kind of pickup truck as they say, which is likely to receive the Tesla Model T name. Hardly can we expect anything less expensive than $35,000 Model 3 which is connected with the use of car sharing and autonomy technologies.

The development of Tesla technologies implies presence of fully self driving system in upcoming pickups. They will also include fail operational capabilities. So, in case anything goes wrong while driving, the car will still ride itself safely. Since safety is of prior importance for the company, Tesla will seriously improve Autopilot used in promised vehicles.

Since Tesla is often accused of producing cars for prosperous people only, there are predictions that their new lineup is going to cost a small fortune. Nonetheless, Musk again proves it different promising that they will offer vehicles to suit all types of budget. What is more, the company is going to use SolarCity system which will enable drivers to generate around 50 miles of electricity per day. So, Tesla will have to somehow combine their new trucks with technologies of the company which makes solar panels in order to deliver solar power and energy storage.

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Tesla Model T production plans

Tesla’s idea is to produce more than 500,000 autos every year by 2018. It means that they have to double their production to fulfill this promise. So the most important thing for the company now is to widen the volume of production in the shortest time possible. It will give them an opportunity to achieve their goals.

Nevertheless, there are predictions that Tesla will fail with this ambitious plan. In fact, they have recently been late on launches of their products. For instance, their plans on the current 3 Model have announced ten years ago in August 2006. That is why there are doubts about Tesla’s promises to produce pickups in near future.

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