Tesla 100 KWh Models Promising 380 Miles In a Single Charge


According to the most recent news from European sources, Tesla is preparing something new to surprise drivers. Among many rumors the latest one’s circle around S and X models by Tesla which is going to use a battery of 100 kWh.

Such approach will make it possible for the vehicles to have mile range of more than 380 miles. Let’s see how far is it true as well as how far is it possible.

tesla prepairing 100kwh models

Yes, it is not a secret anymore. The most rumored and anticipated battery of 100 kWh by Tesla has been produced and it is on its way to the market. S and X models are going to be equipped with this compact wonder which will improve the performance of these autos dramatically. At least, this is what the automaker promises. The fact is that development of this battery has never been confirmed officially but now a regulator from Netherlands known as RDW which is responsible for Tesla vehicles on European roads has made things clear. According to its website the battery has really being produced and will son come in use.

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100kwh tesla model s

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A Few Versions

The unit is said to be released in different versions. This has not been officially approved though. Nonetheless, according to some sources it is going to be 100D, P100D and P100D upgraded. A blogger from Netherlands was the one who has discovered this news. He was browsing through RDW website which gave a reference to Tesla 100 kWh. This information is still in open access and you can check it yourself. This is much similar to how 75D by the same manufacturer had been discover earlier. California Air Recourse Board was the first to publish it on the Internet however there were no official claims about its production. Nevertheless, Tesla still approved the fact of producing it in a few days.

tesla p100d

Even though in 100 kWh battery case Tesla has not made any claims yet, we hope that it is a matter of time. There is no information about it on the website of California Air Recourse Board either which is rather unexpected. Nonetheless, the Dutch version of RDW website clearly states that Tesla new battery is already here.


It is an interesting fact that the recent 100D S Model is published on the RDW website with 380 miles range, if it is single charged. In fact, it does not show the real world range because it is based on New European Driving Cycle ratings, not on EPA ones. However, it is quite possible to hope that 100D will still bring more than 300 mile range when single charged. There is a likelihood that it will take the range of X Model up to 300 miles from todays 275 miles rated by EPA. Thus, the power output of the autos will be taken to better performance.

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