The Best Cars to Modify


Picking the best cars to modify can be a minefield; it really does depend on what modifications you want to do, what the end goal is.

You want a drifter? Or just maximum BHP? Something that feels like it’s on rails? Or a lowrider?

Truthfully, before getting involved in the modding scene, you need to understand what it is that you want to achieve. It’s pointless in buying a big old heavy luxo-barge if you want to be able to run around bends like Roadrunner.

For this first article, we’re going to be looking at relatively low cost autos that when modded, can pump out good BHP and ride well.

Subaru WRX


The WRX is the updated generation of the legendary World Rally Car that was the Impreza; anyone who saw one of these being piloted by Colin McRae was in for a treat; he was a monster behind the wheel.

With forced induction, the WRX responds well to ECU modifications, but even as standard, they 265 BHP – more than enough to get you into trouble.

Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart


This is pretty much the same as the WRX; a rally inspired, turbo charged rocket ship. Ralliart have been the company behind numerous world championships with the Lancers; they know how to develop a car.

Same as the Scooby; remap the ECU, wind the boost up and 400+ BHP is easily found.

Nissan 370Z


Another Japanese one, the Nissan 370Z is great car; excellent handling & ride, good levels of power straight from the crate and has a large following, meaning that there is a wealth of knowledge (and parts) out there.

Volkswagen GTi


The 2.0 liter turbo already makes 200 BHP, and while you can still improve upon that, we’ve chosen the GTi because it really is the daddy of hot hatchbacks. We wouldn’t go too mad with the horsepower search, rather just do the all round type of mods; better looking, handling, some rims… you don’t need to improve too much, mainly aesthetics.

Honda Civic Si


A strange choice? We don’t think so… the Civic Si makes close to 200 BHP and has one of the best chassis out there; it’s really well balanced, and can do bends like it’s glued to the tarmac.
Squeezing anymore horsepower out of the N/A 2.0 liter would be expensive, but stick some decent rims, suspension and aero on it, and you’ll have a trackday killer.
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