The Best SUVs Under $30K


SUV’s are so popular, they hit the spot for styling, ride quality and the ability to carry a family and all their luggage. Here is the best crossover SUV under 30000 chart.

We’ve brought together a list of firm favorites, all under $30,000, although we’ve added a range from cheaper options (which can then be specced up to include a few more toys) or base models that just scrape under the $30k bracket.

None of them are remarkable, but they’re all good at what they do, in the price bracket that they sit.
In no particular order…

Buick Encore $25,000

The engine leaves a little to be desired, but the Encore comes with good equipment fitted as standard; backup camera, 18” aluminum wheels and a 7” touchscreen infotainment system. Thanks to the small motor, gas mileage is good.

Ford Escape $24,000

Yes, it’s a low price but still has Bluetooth, backup camera and SYNC voice command all fitted to the base model. Higher trims (within the $30,000 bracket) have features like automatic wipers and even an automatic parallel parking system.

Honda CR-V $24,000

The Honda doesn’t do anything remarkable, but it does do everything well. It has a 185 BHP motor, gives good gas mileage and has a backup camera, keyless entry and Bluetooth all as standard. Cheap enough to spec up – $6,000 buys a lot of extras.

Jeep Cherokee $24,000

An automatic parking system, adaptive cruise control and forward crash alert with braking are all available for under $30,000. Plus, the Cherokee comes with Jeep’s Uconnect infotainment system which is great.

Ford Edge $28,950

The Ford is always near the top of the sales pile for mid-size SUV’s, but at this price, only the base model is available to you. It does however come with a decent 2.0 liter 4-cylinder and above average reliability.

Kia Sportage $23,200

The cheapest of the bunch here, but always top spot in the compact SUV market. It has good reliability, is spacious and quiet and rides well. The downside is that the standard equipment isn’t great, but again, nearly $7,000 can buy you a whole heap of toys.

Hyundai Santa Fe $25,350

Comes standard with a nice V6 engine, good handling and excellent safety rankings. Will seat 6 or 7 people and has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

Dodge Durango $29,995

The most expensive SUV in this list, no options are available for the price (not even the third row of seating) but does have a decent V6 motor and good tech fitted as standard. This is the best SUV under 30000 in terms of the size.
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