The Best SUVs With Third Row


SUV’s are one of the most popular market segments in the automotive world, perhaps only being bested by the Pickup; America just loves pickups.

But you don’t have to go all in for a full-size SUV to get that crucial third row of seating, many of the mid-sized SUV’s have them as standard, or at least as an option. These mid-size SUV’s range from low priced to high priced depending on what it is you want from them; utility, space, luxury or off-road capability. We’ve listed a few of what we consider to be the best SUV  s with third row seating, for one reason or another.

In no particular order:

Ford Flex

Base price starting at $29,710

The Ford Flex is one of the roomiest three row SUV’s (it’s almost in-between midsize and full size) on the market. Not only that, but it has excellent cargo space as well; 20 cubic feet with all seats up and 83.2 cubic feet with the seats down.

This current generation (designed to run between 2013 – 2019) was first introduced back in 2011 as a 2013 model year. Updated for 2017 with slight styling improvements and improved interior.

Range Rover Sport

Base price starting at $64,950

Looking for something a little more … luxurious? The Range Rover Sport has luxury in abundance.

Admittedly, the third row of seating is an optional extra, so it’s cheating a little bit, but even with the third row fitted, space isn’t tight. The Rangie also has the added benefit of proper off-road performance and capability; there is very little that comes to close, aside from pure-bred off-roaders. It is the best SUVs 3rd row in the premium segment.

Volvo XC90

Base price starting at $43,950

The Volvo is legendary in Europe for being one of the best all-rounders that you can buy, and its American reputation is fast catching up.
Excellent build quality, ride, handling and performance (depending on motor) means that the big Volvo is a popular choice.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Base price starting at $25,350

The Santa Fe is a true 3-row SUV; so long as you don’t pick the Santa Fe Sport.
Sure, it may not have the same build quality or trim as some of the higher priced SUV’s, but it’s popular seller; it was once so popular in America that Hyundai couldn’t keep up with demand.


Base starting price at $54,700

Great handling, 300+ BHP, enough space to lug whole families worth of stuff and an optional third row of seating; what more could you want?

Style? Yep, in spades.

What is best 3 row SUV? Whatever your budget, whatever your need, you’re sure to find an SUV to suit your requirement. A little research always pays dividends, and with manufacturers coming out with new models every year, bargains can be had.
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